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Types of Running Wallets

Why buy one?
You probably own a few wallets. And you probably think you don't need one right now. But have you heard about running wallets? Not the ones that have feet and flee, but the ones you use to keep all your valuables every time you run or do some jogging. These wallets are special kinds of pocket-size cases for carrying your iPod, mobile phone, keys, and cash.
Do you need one? Yes, you do, and here are the top reasons.
First, they keep your valuables secure and your gadgets intact. In this age, you rarely leave the house without your gadgets. Besides, they're designed to meet your multi-tasking needs. So if you want to work out in the gym or jog around the park, you can keep all your gadgets intact with a running wallet.
Next, they have great shock absorbing capacities. They are well-cushioned to protect your gadgets from breakage and scratches. And even during rigorous physical activities, your gadgets and their parts stay protected.
Last, these wallets have great storage abilities. They are not bulky, yet your gadgets fit perfectly in their compartments.
Types of Running Wallets
Running wallets come in different colors, brands, and sizes. The following is a list of the running wallets commonly offered on the market.
1. Arm wallet
If you're the type who loves listening to music while jogging, this type of running wallet is for you. Arm wallets are designed to provide a snug fit for your iPod or smartphone. They are lightweight, cushioned, and stable. They come with an adjustable strap that you can adjust for a tight fit. The bestselling arm wallets are those offered by popular sports brands such as Nike and Adidas. But there are other brands that have equally good (or even better) arm running wallets, so take your time to scour the market.
2. Wrist wallet
As what its name tries to imply, a wrist wallet is a running wallet wrapped around the wrist. It is smaller than an arm wallet, but it is enough to contain your valuables such as some bills or a small mp3 player. When you wear a wrist wallet, it looks like a wrist band. The obvious difference is that a wrist wallet has compartments.
3. Ankle wallet
Some people prefer to jog without any accessories wrapped around their wrist, hands, and arms. If you're one of these people, you might want to consider an ankle wallet. This wallet comes with a reliable strap to make it fastly secured around the ankles.
4. Waist wallet
If you want more room for your bulkier valuables and gadgets, consider buying a waist wallet. A waist wallet is bigger than the other types of running wallets, and a roomier storage for your belongings. It also stays fastened on your waist even in more physical and more active routines.
When buying one, take your time to read reviews and other helpful articles. Just because a brand is the most popular doesn't mean it is always the best one. Rely on other people's testimonials, feedback, and rating.

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