Minggu, 22 April 2012

3 Pillars of a True Idiot Proof Diet

The fitness industry continues to churn out miracle diets and all of them are crazy. People for whatever reason continue to subscribe to what will eventually get them injured, or back to over eating and gaining weight because it's just too hard to follow the script on some of the more restrictive diet plans that are gaining steam in the public eye. With so many options to choose from, it is important to at least have the following 3 pillars of a true idiot proof diet in your mind, so that you're not another victim of a lackluster plan that will have you starving instead of enjoying life and losing weight at the same time.
Exercise - The dreaded word is something that a lot of people aren't going to want hear or read. But this is not a call for you to be the next Lance Armstrong or anything like that. If you think that you have to run a marathon in order to get this done, stop panicking right now. You don't have to be a pure bred athlete and you don't need to be a professional, but if you simply walk, you can start to move forward fast. The very least you can do is get up, walk around 15 to 30 minutes daily. This is an easy thing to do, and you can start with increments of 5 minutes, and then build up over time.
Food - This is not the enemy at all, and you need to remember that. Do not under any circumstances subscribe to the notion that you can't eat as you please. There are some foods that aren't good for you, but these are going to be obvious. For example, consider the fact that deep fried butter or something that is larger than your head is probably not something that you should be eating on a regular basis. Keep that in mind, and don't allow yourself to eat a thimble full of water to survive. This is not to say that you can eat whatever you want; just don't take it to an extreme, which will be a mistake.
Drinking Calories - If you've given up eating a lot, and are on your way to weight loss, do not drink a lot of calories. That means you don't need to drink a gallon of soda. That's not to say that you can't drink soda, just don't over do it. Soda is not the enemy either, just be careful here, as it can be a lot easier to drink your daily allotment of calories and not feel like you have.
The above 3 pillars of an idiot proof plan of action is solid, and will keep you moving forward with relative ease. Do not go with extremes, always look for balance, and you'll succeed in your plan to lose weight and gain lean muscle.

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