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The Fit of Shock Absorber Sports Bras

I have found a problem with the sizing and fit of some models of Shock Absorber bras.
Let me start by saying that a well fitting bra should be quite tight on the back - a lot tighter than most women actually wear them. This is a fairly common mistake in bra fitting, particularly when women fit themselves.
I do like a tight fitting bra, especially a tight fitting sports bra - where support is even more important. However, I do find that Shock Absorber sports bras are just a little bit too tight.
I first noticed this when wearing my own - but put it down to my own personal body shape. However, when I started selling them online I noticed I was getting a lot of returns from women - asking for a larger back size.
As a result I have spent the past few weeks measuring, testing and comparing the fit of these bras compared to other comparable brands, and other bras.
My conclusion is that I will have to change my fitting advice. I believe the backs on these bras are too much on the small side, although the cup size is correct. Therefore my recommendation is that you should try a back size larger than your normal bra.
The complication comes because of the way bra sizing works. When you go up a back size you also go up a physical cup size. So a 36D is a back size AND a cup size larger than a 34D. Sounds a bit odd - but it is actually correct (and probably explains why so many women are wearing the wrong sized bras).
It is only the back size that is a problem - the cup seems to fit true to size. Therefore to keep the correct cup size in a bra that is one back size size larger you will need to go down a cup size.
Just remember the phrase "up a back size down a cup size".
So - if you are buying Shock Absorber Bras then my advice is to go one size up in the back, and one size down in the cup. This will give you a bra which is one size (2″) larger in the back, but with the same physical cup size.
So, if your normal size is 34D - then you should be trying a 36C.
This will result in a bra which is more comfortable, and that you can wear for longer periods of time, but has the correct level of support in the cups.

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