Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

Top 3 Best Home Treadmills

Treadmills at the fitness center are generally very sturdy and specifically designed to withstand constant pounding from everyday use. These are commercially manufactured, being huge and heavy for different kinds of people with different weight. However, a home treadmill is a whole different story. While health club treadmills can be used straight for 10 hours a day, a home treadmill is only capable of several hours of use in a week.
A treadmill is a machine that places you in one position while walking, sprinting, jogging, or running and promotes proper cardiovascular circulation transporting oxygenated blood all over the body. They contain several features such as distance covered, speed and heart rate, and the calories burned. Discover the top three best home treadmills that have been condensed in three categories most conducive for your convenience and service:
Walking Belt Treadmill
All kinds of treadmill have this specific feature called 'walking belts' which pertains to the part of the treadmill where you put your feet on to walk and run to. That is why treadmills can also be named walking belt treadmills. There is home equipment specifically designed for workouts like walking. Folding down, it is compact. It saves space. It comes with a monitoring device for the heart rate, 1 ½ horsepower monitor, audio speakers for music, and an LCD Screen for details like distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned, including couple of workout programs. Walking belt treadmills are also foldable which great for storage and space minimize, and is best for walking. Some with 2 ½ horsepower motor are also good for light jogging.
Running Belt Treadmill
These heavy-duty treadmills are specifically designed for running. They are larger, heavier, and more durable than the walking belt type. For those fond of short distance running or marathons, these can take daily pounding compared to those kinds that are only capable of several hours of usage for a week. If you desire to practice running uphill or downhill, these kinds of treadmills have specific degree of incline and decline. It comes with six different course programs.
Best Home Treadmill is by Brand
Different treadmills actually have different features and one can say that a particular treadmill is best for him if it meets his specific needs. So far, one must consider its features to discover the best home treadmill. With higher percentage of the incline and decline, wider belt, the one that folds away, remains sturdy for runners, and with a lifetime warranty.

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